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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fast Weight Loss Without Starvation

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Most of the fast weight loss programs of the past relied heavily on one of the most obnoxious factor-starvation. While fast weight loss is desired by most of the overweight individuals, starvation is not a favorite option for many. Therefore, the weight loss programs that do not require starvation are gaining popularity with time.

Earlier, most of the rapid weight loss programs used either starvation or leaving the carbohydrates from the diet. While there is enough criticism of these techniques, the programs usefulness is also not free from doubts. Many of the researchers have found that these fast weight loss programs result in loss of water and muscles rather than the fat from the body. This is not only harmful for the body but can also have long-term impacts, such as adverse affects on the nervous system, etc. Therefore, while the commercials of such programs are very attractive, in reality, the programs are not so.

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In recent times, however, the discovery of a hormone that controlled the metabolism process has offered the much-needed solution to curb the menace of obesity through some simple steps. The hormone is known as Leptin, and it acts as a signal to the brain when the calorie consumption is low. This lets the brain increase the desire for more calorie consumption, or in other words, it tells the individual to eat more. However, the important aspect of the functioning of Leptin lies in the fact that the reverse of the above mentioned phenomenon is also true. That is, if Leptin can alert the brain when calorie consumption is low, it can also signal when the consumption is high. This lets the brain start the faster process of metabolism. In other words, if Leptin tells the brain that calorie consumption has exceeded the required limit; the brain will automatically start burning the fats as a normal metabolic process. This can ultimately help the overweight to have a healthy weight loss process.

To use this function of Leptin, a simple measure needs to be taken. In the process, you need to diet for 6 days in a week and on the seventh you observe a "cheat day". In this process, when you follow a diet for six days and eat heavily on the seventh, the Leptin signaling to brain stops. This activates the metabolic process of the brain. Since, metabolism is the key to lose fat fast, the brain automatically starts burning the fats quickly. This not only results in a healthy way to lose weight quickly but is also a natural and healthful process. Therefore, you would hardly need to starve to lose the extra pounds of your body.

This process is not someone's idea but a real fact that has helped shape the most influential weight loss programs in recent years. However, this is relatively a new process, and so, many people may not be aware of this. Still, it is one of the best ways to reduce weight. Moreover, since the process is completely natural and performed by the body itself, there is no side effect. So, if you are looking for a fast weight loss program, talk to your physician about Leptin and its usefulness in helping you lose some extra pounds. 

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