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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boost Up Your Weight Loss Plan by Keeping a Journal

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If you are really serious about losing weight, then there are a few things that you need to do to guarantee your success. One is eating right, another is exercise, but one of the most over looked parts is keeping a journal. Let's take a look at why journaling is so important.

As soon as you start a weight loss plan, you should start a journal. In the journal, you should record your starting weight, measurements and, if you have a scale to measure it, your body fat percentage. You should also have a place to log in what you eat for each meal, any supplements you take to help your weight loss efforts, the type of exercise you are doing and the length of time you exercise.

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Just the simple fact of having to log your eating and exercise habits will help keep you on track. It is hard to look at a blank page that was supposed to be completed and say, "I am eating right and exercising, but I cannot lose weight", right?

When you log your exercise, make sure you log the intensity of the exercise you are doing. For example, if you walk slowly or you walk at a fast pace, the amount of calories that will be burned will be greater at the faster pace. Having a record will allow you to adjust the amount and intensity of your exercise according to your fat loss results.

When you first start to exercise, you will not be as proficient and will be heavier which means you will burn more calories in the beginning. As you exercise more, you will get more mechanically proficient at the exercise and you will be come lighter thus burning less calories for the same amount of exercise done. For this reason, you will lose weight faster in the beginning and you may have to increase the intensity or length of time you exercise as you lose weight to see similar results.

By keeping good records in your journal, you will be able to adjust your routine in order to produce the results you desire. By recording what you eat, the amount and intensity of exercise, your weight and inches lost will give you a good foundation on which to base your adjustment decisions.

This will become your "weight loss diary" in the next coming weeks and you will rely heavily on it for guidance. Do not underestimate the power of keeping a weight loss journal. It is crucial to keep one for at least the first 12 weeks.

Think about the mental pressure you will place on yourself when you decide to skip exercise class or go grazing for chocolate cake and ice dream on the dessert bar when you know you must record what you ate and did not do at exercise class in the journal. It will start to make you think twice before making a bad decision. Looking at your journal will keep you focused on your goal of being slimmer and fitting back into those tight, skinny, sexy jeans again.

When the weight does start to fall off and you can see written proof, it will give you inspiration to continue to lose more until you meet your weight loss goal. Set a target weight, record what you are doing in your journal and stick to it. You may not see massive amounts of weight coming of in the beginning, but slowly and surely, the weight will come off and you will be able to see proof of pounds and inches gone in your journal.

You need not weigh everyday, but only once per week or every two weeks. As you follow your weight loss plan, you will start to notice your clothes fitting looser as inches start to melt away. This feeling, with the combination of physical proof from your journal, will keep you on track even through the hard times of temptation.

Keeping a journal is very important and just one aspect of a complete weight loss plan. Make sure to include the journal in your complete plan to becoming slimmer.

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