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Friday, March 1, 2013

Weight Loss with Hypnosis - Why It Works So Well

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First, let's just separate the myth about hypnosis from the reality. People think they are going to go under something or lose control or be in someone else's control so they are apprehensive about hypnosis in general. Most of this fear is from seeing old movies and watching stage hypnotists.

The truth is that hypnosis is simply entering a trance state and receiving beneficial suggestions. Trance must be present for hypnosis to take place, but you must place yourself into a trance. No one can do it for you. That's why all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. We "en-trance" ourselves all of time. We drive home and our mind is focused elsewhere so we wonder sometimes how we even got home. A good movie, book, music, or even fire in a fireplace or candle or raindrops on a window can take us into trance. We call it daydreaming. But while we are in this state of mind, there is an overwhelming desire to follow suggestion. (To find out more about the reasons why, you can click on the link below.)

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Hypnosis works so well with weight loss because it basically records over old tapes we have in our mind about how we relate to food. New re-programmed habits can then automatically, almost effortlessly replace the old conditioned responses we have to eating. Used in conjunction with the right type of eating plan, hypnosis can play an important role in losing weight.

With the proper hypnosis program, you can lose your desire to eat sugar foods and stop the snacking and cravings that usually take you off your diet or weight-loss program. You can raise your self esteem and confidence. You can accept that you are quite spectacular just the way you are. Then as the weight loss happens, you just feel better physically and know you look better, but you know that you are fine no matter what you weigh.

Actually, hypnosis can enhance ANY weight-loss program. A fairly recent scientific article from the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clin Proc. April 2005:80(4):511-524 "Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine") indicated there are better weight-loss results using hypnosis with a weight-loss program that includes motivation, counseling and peer support, then just being on a diet with behavior therapy alone. The loss of weight lasts longer and can help prevent the weight regain that statistics show is as great as 85% in the first year. Hypnosis coupled with a low-glycemic eating plan can keep you on track toward achieving and maintaining your weight loss.

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