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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weight Loss Diets: Pros and Cons

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Many weight loss diets have been introduced in the market in the attempt to resolve the growing problem with obesity or being overweight. They are appealing to the public because of said great benefits you can take like losing weight in a couple of weeks without doing exercises.

However, they may involve some process which your body is not capable of doing such as cutting off carbohydrates, sugar or fat intake. It is important that you know what these weight loss diets do to your body before you even try them. Below are the pros and cons of some weight loss diets:

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Atkins diet

This diet involves eating foods with high protein and fat while lowering your carbohydrates intake. The people who likes to eat foods that are high in protein and have been unsuccessful to low-fat and high-carbohydrates program, will mostly benefit from this plan. The system does not require counting of calorie intake and has simpler meal plans so it is easy to follow.

However, the drawback of this diet is having future health problems such as heart disease, kidney problems, cholesterol level irregularities or cancer. These are caused by having too much fat and low carbohydrate (where you may get the needed minerals and vitamins to stay healthy)

The Carbohydrates Addict's diet

This is a low-carbohydrate eating plan where a person should eat foods with low carbohydrates but having one reward meal in a day. The person has more liberty in choosing the food to eat (as compared to an Atkin's dieter). And high water intake is recommended on this diet.
But one pitfall is that a person may divert to having high fat & protein intake to compensate the reduced carbohydrate. If that is the case, it will have similar disadvantages with an Atkin's diet.

The Pritikin diet

Vegetables, grains (high in fiber) and fruits are essential part of the pritikin diet because it encourages the dieter to have low- fat and high-carbohydrate intake. Eating foods that are low in calorie will help in weight reduction. This plan has a great advantage of having a balanced meal and selecting from different menu.

However, a dieter may sometime find it hard to stick with the diet plan when eating outside the comfort of their home.

South Beach Diet

This diet is not really a low carbohydrate diet but rather balancing the good and bad carbohydrate intake. It includes variety of food such as fish, grains, chicken and vegetables.

Then, a specific meal is followed per diet phase. This is a nutritious diet which makes it beneficial for a dieter. However, nutritious foods may be expensive.

These weight loss diets may give you instant solution to your obesity problem. However, it may be difficult to make it a lifestyle, specifically the recommended meal plan. Some people may find it hard to stick with the diet on a long term process.

Some may experience the health problems brought about by these weight loss diets. It is recommended that you consult your doctor so you can decide properly if a weight loss diet is good for you or which one is appropriate for you.


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