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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

About Weight Loss: 10 Good Tips for You

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1. The first good tip about weight loss is for you to understand why or how we gain weight. Understand your basal metabolic rate is what determines how much your body burns on its own without any movement at all. This is different in all people and should be understood as so.

2. The second part of understanding weight gain for tips about weight loss is to understand that nothing will happen without exercise. Companies that advertise losing weight without working out are lying. You must do one to get the other, you must work out to lose weight!

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3. The most important tip about weight loss is to research and understand what your calorie intake should be for an average day. Determine what a person of your size must take in, then try to trim it a bit and add exercise to begin losing weight.

4. Understand that because you are unique and one of a kind your body will respond just as uniquely to different diets as it does to different foods, meaning just because it worked for your friends doesn't mean it will work for you. There is nothing wrong with trial and error, use it to lose weight for you!

5. Because of reason number four you must be diligent and not buy into the market hype of one weight loss program or another. Understand that it may or may not work, but you have to continue to find what works for you!

6. The reason that many people crash and burn on diets is that they give up after it doesn't seem to "work" for a few days and their body is in another funk of abnormal cycles. If you are going to diet, stick to it and don't let go!

7. One of the least talked about, yet biggest diet killers is the idea that dieting is boring or painful. Something about weight loss you didn't know ... it can actually be quite exciting and thrilling, just know that once you get over the hump you will feel so much better!

8. Another misunderstood fact about weight loss is just how much weight you should lose in a given period of time. Some assume that losing 10 or 20 pounds in a few weeks is good or maybe not enough, but most professionals will tell you that 2 pounds per week is the most you should aim for if you are trying to keep it off.

9. While low carbohydrate diets have certainly been successful and popular as of late, they aren't necessarily the answer for everyone. The only proven way to lose weight time after time is to create a calorie deficit. Work off more than you take in every day and weight loss will surely occur.

10. Understanding your terminology will teach you a lot about weight loss, most specifically, that a "diet" is short term, "habits" are what you must set. This must take you throughout your life, not just to lose a few here or there. Habits repeat themselves, diets come and go.

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