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Monday, April 1, 2013

A Daily Checklist for Fast, Healthy Weight Loss

9:42 AM

All weight loss success comes down to doing the same things over and over again, on a consistent basis. Simply put, when you replace bad habits with good ones, you'll lose weight. The more bad habits you replace with good ones, the sooner you'll see results.

In order to truly achieve fast, healthy weight loss you'll need to replace nearly all of your bad habits with good ones. Below you'll find a "checklist" of the 7 things you'll need to do every single day to lose weight and look better fast. You might want to print it out and keep it with you as a simple reminder of what it really takes to drop your unwanted body fat quickly and safely.

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In a very short amount of time you'll see that the following 7 habits can make a huge difference in the way you look and feel!

1. Review your goals.

Set goals and review them daily. This helps you stay motivated and on the fast-track to weight loss success.

2. Eat mostly natural foods.

Cut out processed foods from your diet and replace them with fresh, natural whole foods. Here's a good rule-of-thumb: if it can't be found somewhere in nature, don't eat it!

3. Eat 5 or 6 six small, healthy meals per day.

This serves two purposes: it keeps you from getting hungry and overeating at any one meal... and it keeps your metabolism elevated, helping you to burn more fat throughout the day.

4. Limit sugar intake.

Avoid all foods with high sugar content. This includes "natural" foods like pure fruit juice and honey. If you need to sweeten something, use the natural, low-calorie sweeteners stevia and xylitol. Both can be found in health-food stores.

5. Drink water throughout the day.

Drinking lots of water is a "must" for fast, healthy weight loss. It'll keep your energy levels up, help you avoid hunger cravings, and greatly assist the fat-burning process. If you don't like drinking plain water, try sugar-free teas and flavored sparkling water drinks.

6. Do some form of vigorous exercise.

Exercise at a moderate intensity level for 30 minutes to an hour most days of the week. Do something you enjoy so it won't seem like a chore. Both aerobic exercise and strength training are vital to any good fitness program so be sure to do both.

7. Have fun.

Find ways to increase the enjoyment level of everything you do. Try healthy new foods and recipes, partner-up with a friend, join some form of sports or fitness group, take part in online weight loss communities, etc. This is the key component to long-term weight loss success because if you're not having fun, you won't stick with it!

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