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Friday, February 22, 2013

Weight Loss Pill - Think Before You Take

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A weight loss pill may not be the solution to your weight problem that you have been searching for. Would you take a pill if you knew that it could potentially cause diarrhea, hair loss, compulsive shaking, high blood pressure, impotence, depression, heart failure, and many other complications? You may say that the risk could be worth it, if the drug really works-and besides, many over the counter medications and prescription drugs have potential side effects. A weight loss pill may seem like a "quick fix" to someone who suffers from a weight issue, but the warnings about these drugs are not just idle threats-they are serious.

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Health Risks

Being overweight is a health risk-it can cause all kinds of problems with your heart, your blood pressure, your circulation, your ability to move around, and so on and so on. But a weight loss pill may just make those problems worse. When you attempt to lose weight quickly by suppressing your appetite, speeding up your metabolism or inhibiting your body's ability to absorb food, you run the risk of harming the very things you are trying to help-like your heart.

Are They Safe?

For years doctors have been telling us that the best and safest way to lose weight is to eat healthy foods (and eat less) and to exercise regularly. But, many people find that the results of this type of diet plan are just too slow, so they turn to a weight loss pill. They are offered at nearly every drug store, discount department store, grocery store and even at health food stores. But, these drugs are not usually regulated by the FDA and have not been tested for safety or effectiveness in carefully conducted studies. The weight loss pill will usually promise nearly immediate results-which are what most dieters are looking for. But, truly effective weight loss takes a lifestyle change and a long term commitment to your health.

Meet With Your Doctor

If you are serious about weight loss, you should make an appointment with your doctor before you take any weight loss pill. Your doctor will not only have suggestions on how to improve your diet, and what kind of exercise program will work best for you, but they may also be able to find out if there are any other conditions which are causing your excess weight problem. If there are problems there may be a prescription weight loss pill you can take to help you to lose weight.

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