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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vitamin B12 Injections For Weight Loss

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It is best to tackle the problem of being over weight before things get out of control and the problem at hands turns into obesity. In a bid to achieve this, very true to natural tendency, what most people try to do is lose weight without any exertion or physical exercise. Starting with the 'awesome' weight loss vibrators and sauna belts advertised on the television to herbal powders and Vitamin B12 injections for weight loss, the list is indeed a long one.

Vitamin B12 is also called Cobalamine, and is one of the eight water-soluble B vitamins. All of these B vitamins help the body in converting carbohydrates into glucose or sugar, which is burned in order to produce energy for the functioning of the body. These are often referred to as B complex vitamins, and are also essential for the breakdown of fats and proteins. These also help maintain muscle tone, protect the mucus lining in the digestive tract and mouth, and upkeep good health of the nervous system and organs like the liver, skin, hair and eyes. The other important function of Vitamin B12 is very similar to other B complex vitamins; Cobalamine is considered to be an excellent anti-stress vitamin since it is believed to enhance the healthy functioning of the immune system and improves the body's ability to fight stressful conditions.

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Keeping these properties in mind, the possible role it could play in helping the cause of weight loss programs has been noticed and implemented. Providing Vitamin B12 injections for weight loss is a common practice as part of proprietary weight-reducing programs at several weight loss clinics. Vitamin B12 and/or Vitamin B6 injections gives extra doses of these vitamins which has been found to frequently improve energy levels, general well-being, supports thyroid functions, boosts the right cardiac output by reducing water retention owing to its diuretic attributes.

As is the case with any drug, over doses of these vitamins can cause serious health threats and hence extreme caution must be exercised while using these. It may seem heavy on the wallet but these B12 shots must be taken under medical supervision to avoid serious complications. Some of these are panic attacks, mood swings, erratic blood sugar levels, joint pains, muscle cramps, etc.

As a rule, only those suffering from a diseased condition called Pernicious Anemia and a few other problems related to digestive disorders should ideally be treated with B12 shots. Vitamin B12 injections for weight loss is condemned by most parts of the medical fraternity, especially since there are no proven facts that indicate that these shots help in weigh reduction. Apart from the energy boosts which may help the otherwise lethargic over weight individual, concrete benefits of using this as a method to attain weight loss is yet to be proven. Always remember that hard work and sweat always pays when it comes to losing weight and it might be well worth the effort to invest time and effort into a healthy diet and exercise regimen than to opt for Vitamin B12 injections for weight loss.

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